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Domaine Le Portrait is situated at a distance of 2 km of the village of Saint-Séverin with its 700 inhabitants, where all basic needs are available.

Nestling amongst fields of maize and sunflowers our site is situated on 8 acres property. With its 25 camping-places, we offer rest, space and seclusion.

There is also a well equipped four berth caravan and several tents for rent.

view at Domaine Le Portrait

We have been very busy with organizing our terrain. Last year terasses are made and after getting the right licenses, a new sanitairblock as well as two wooden chalets will be build. Also a sauna will be realized.

During season it is "naturism", which means that nude ("nu" in French) is obliged.

There is a common space, in which guests can stay or eat when the weather maight be a little less, there is a library and there are some drinks available.

At our camp there is no opportunity for emptying your chemical toilet, because we have a private fosse septic. Chemical toilets are are to be emptied at special places (in Saint-Séverin, in Aubeterre or Riberac). Toilets without chemicals, or 100% biodegradable, can be emptied at our site.